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Membership to the Association would be open to all who meet the following criteria:

  • Having a License for Travel Agency / Consultancy / Ticketing Agent / Coaching Institute of IELTS / General Sales Agent duly issued by the Office of District Magistrate of a District in Punjab, and
  • Being a proprietor, private company, trust or partnership registered by a state or central authority in India, and
  • Undertaking to abide by the Association’s code of ethical practices
  • Pay the membership fee of the Association which will be determined as per rules framed by the Executive Committee and duly approved by the General Body of the Association.


Application for admission from eligible person for Association membership, should be made in the prescribed form. The application should be proposed and seconded by two existing members of the Association. This application should be considered at the managing committee meeting. Applications may be rejected by the managing committee meeting without assigning any reason. On approval of the application for Membership the applicant shall pay the prescribed fee within a period of 15 days, failing which his application will be deemed to have lapsed. The members in General Meeting may revise the Annual Membership fee from time to time.


Any member of the Association shall cease to be a member of the Association and shall be removed or expelled by the Executive Committee on the following grounds.

  • 2.3.1-Failure to meet or abide by any of the rules and regulations of the Association at any time.
  • On his being found involved in subversive, communal or any other activity which is against the laws of the land
  • Failure to pay subscription for membership for three months from the due date. In case of members having more than one office branch, the failure to pay subscription for membership for even one office will render them liable to be removed from the membership of the Association. However, before the member is removed for non-payment of subscription, notice / opportunity would be given to the member to pay the subscription.
  • If the conduct of the member is such as to bring disrepute to the Association or his act of mission and commission is unworthy of being an office bearer or member.
  • Due to insanity, resignation or death / dissolution of the member.


  • A person who ceases to be member of the society may apply to the Executive Committee in writing for readmission and the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final. The fee for renewal of cancelled membership shall be determined by the Executive Committee shall be final.
  • Where a breach of the code of ethical practices is reported in writing the alleged breacher will be given 30 days to defend / comment on the report. The Executive Committee at their regular or a specially convened meeting will consider the alleged breach and the reply of the alleged breacher and if found proven have the powers to suspend / cancel the guilty member’s membership for one year.

In such cases the membership and subscription fees will be forfeited and such member when reapplying will be considered a new member.

Members Benefits

  • Being a part of Association, Members will enjoy the strength of unity and its various benefits. Members may network with fellow members following same code of conduct and ethics, exchange ideas.
  • Promote businesses jointly on various platforms & fight for rights together along with Association.
  • Unified Platform: we are aiming to provide our members a platform where they will be able to tie up with various overseas academia, FOREX Companies, Ticketing and Insurance Agencies.
  • Professional Development

Become a Member

Membership of the Association is open to Government Approved Licensed Travel Consultants only, upon fulfilling its conditions, payment of membership subscription, follow its Code of Ethical Practices & adhering to its Goals and Objectives.